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Devices:iPhone/iPod touch
Requires iOS 5.0 or later
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Devices:iPhone/iPod touch
Requires iOS 5.0 or later
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It does not become the search result which is expected very.
Wasn't it until now? 
As for assy,
<Using Google search, it does the search whose precision is good.>
<It can retain search condition, can search with anytime.>
It is the Web search support tool.

〜Explanation of application



It becomes the left screen when it starts.The tap please do the "Let's touch and begin".
When condition is registered, it becomes the picture the right.
When three icons which is on the left of column are pushed, Safari is run.
  • Hand glass button ---- Search of pages.
  • Camera button     ---- Search of images.
  • Television button ---- Search of videos.

<Conditional  settings>

In each every item, it has divided into IN and NOT. As for keyword, please divide with the space or line feed.

  • word (keyword)
    Keyword is input.
    <IN>    ---- It searches with keyword.
    <NOT> ---- Keyword is excluded from the retrieval object. 
    ※Also The search which used “OR”, Phrase search and Wildcard search is possible. 
  • url (Domain)
    Domain is input.
    <IN>    ---- Narrow your results by site or domain.
    <NOT> ---- Site or domain is excluded from the retrieval object. 
  • extension 
    Extension is input. 
    <IN>    ---- Narrow your results by extension.
    <NOT> ---- Extension is excluded from the retrieval object. 
    ※Only in case of image search, it cannot narrow the extension. 
  • last update 
    Last date updated of page is input.
    If “3” and “day” is input, they are 3 days.
    Please input a positive number. 
  • SafeSearch
    Tell SafeSearch how much explicit sexual content to filter.
    Off    ---- no filtering
       ---- moderate
    strict ---- strict
  • terms appearing
    Search for terms in the whole page, page title or web address, or links to the page you're looking for.

    anywhere   ---- anywhere in the page.
    in the title ---- in the title of the page.
    in the text
     ---- in the text of the page.
    in the URL
     ---- in the URL of the page.Please input URL to the word field.
    in the links 
    ---- in the links of the page.Please input URL to the word field.
  • language
    Language of the page is selected.
  • SearchKind
    The button which is displayed in main is selected.
  • Search button
     It searches.
  • Registration button
    Search condition is registered. Please input title.
  • Overwrite button
    When search condition was corrected, it overwrites retains.
  • Delete button
    The title which it has registered is deleted. 
  • Clear button
    Search condition is initialized. 


When the word field, the url field and the extension field the tap are done, some buttons are displayed on the keyboard.
Using this button, it is possible to execute OR search, phrase search and wildcard search.

  • search which used "OR"
    Cursor is adjusted between keywords, the OR button is pushed. 
  • Wildcard search
    Cursor is adjusted to the part whose keyword is ambiguous, the * button is pushed.
  • phrase search
    When keyword is selected, please push the "" button. Please look at the figure which is under.